Vector Camera Dolly

  • Features include: two steering modes, rear wheel steer and all wheel crab, with infinite crab rotation.
  • A hydraulic accumulator system for smooth and quiet boom movement, lifting a camera with straight vertical movement and about 4 lifts per charge.
    • Specifications- Length: 41.25" Width: 24"
    • Steering Post Height (to hand grips): 36.25"
    • Minimum Height for Shipping: 23"
    • Weight: 375lbs Vertical Boom Travel: 30" Low Lens Height (without Low Shot): 34" High Lens Height (with Red Epic): 64"
  • 3 day week, 3 week month. 

Vector Camera Dolly - Daily Rental

  • Once you confirm a booking by signing our rental agreement and paying, we make no further effort to sell the time. If the rental is  canceled or postponed, it is unlikely that this time can be re-booked. It should be understood that this time represents the Studio710's only source of income. Confirmed studio and equipment rental reservations at non cancellable and non refundable. 

  • Booking Procedure:

    1. Find all the cool stuff you want to rent. Add rental dates to each piece of equipment
    2. Add all equipment to shopping cart. 
    3. Click checkout (Note: your card WILL NOT be charged). Jeffrey will confirm equipment availability for your dates. Send you a rental contract and a credit card invoice. 
    4. Send insurance cert covering the full REPLACEMENT VALUE of the order to
    5. Pickup your gear and crush!